Friday, March 26, 2010

I Love Red Meat

It is hard for me to believe that I did not eat a single bite of red meat for 14 years of my life, that is most of my life. I stopped eating red meat one day out of the blue when I was 7 years old. I did not take another bite again until I was 21. I didn't even know what it would taste like, I couldn't remember having ever eaten a hamburger. The thing that first tempted me was actually lamb, and once I realized how amazing that was, things sort of just spiraled out of control from there. It has lead to my love affair with all things meat, constantly trying new kinds and cuts, expanding my meaty horizons. Every bite is magic, which is why I eat meat at least once a week now, and is also why last night I absolutely had to have steak. Cut of choice for the evening: T-bone. Yum. Served up with asparagus and homemade (not by me, but awesomely delicious) applesauce.

T-Bone Steak:

1 T-Bone steak per person
1 tbsp of brown sugar per steak
Salt and Pepper
Olive oil.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees (or hotter if you prefer, it will really cook just fine on just about anything). Put some oil in a pan to lightly coat the bottom and heat the pan on the stove top (it should be scorching). Salt and pepper the steaks and rub with brown sugar. Cook about 3 minutes on each side to get some lovely caramelization. Transfer to oven to finish cooking to your taste, it really will not take long, about 6 minutes for medium/medium rare. Just keep checking it.

Spicy Asparagus:

Before you put the steak in the pan. Salt and pepper some asparagus in a glass bake dish. Add red pepper flakes to taste (so a lot, if you are me). Drizzle with olive oil. Cook for about 20 minutes, at that 375. Then I like to turn the broiler on for about 4 minutes, to just kind of crispy them up a bit, but that is totally optional. Just make sure the steaks are not still in the oven.

Quick and easy delicious dinner. Ta-dah! Ok, so a very special blog post soon to come. Passover is upon us. And this Saturday, I will be learning how to make the gefilte fish, for the first time ever. In my family, we grind our own fish, and I am very excited to learn! Stay tuned for that, plus I will tell you a wonderful story about the first time my grandmother took me to with her to buy the fish. I will also be making a chocolate passover cake, and contemplating a weeks worth of lunches. Oh and a very special Sunday-Surprise breakfast. Great things are ahead... So stay tuned.

Happy Eating


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