About Me

Hi, I'm Lindsay and Welcome to Eat, Knit, Grow. My adventures in the kitchen, with a little garden and crafting fun occasionally tossed in. I am 23 years old and living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. I went to Penn State University, where I studied math. Not exactly what people expect, but I love to surprise. I have been cooking and baking for as long as I can remember, and it is my true joy. I have a wonderful boyfriend, family, and lots of friends who support me in food blogging, and happily eat my food.

I don't have any kind of formal training, and cooking and baking is not my job. I just love to spend my free time in the kitchen and LOVE sharing that with all of you. I am a total feeder, and love to share food with others. I get so much more pleasure from watching others eat what I make, than eating it myself. Blogging goes well with that attitude. While I can't feed you all (I wish I could), I can share my recipes, meals, and creations with you, virtual feeding if you will. And I get the same rush from all of your wonderful comments as I do from watching someone chow down on something I made.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Keep reading and keep those comments coming!