Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Tad-dah! The blanket is finished! I feel so accomplished. I ended up making it a bit larger than the pattern called for and adding a small garter section to the outside, which may not have been the greatest idea because it has a tendency to roll, but I love it anyways. It is so pretty. Right now it is drying in the closet, so the cat doesn't get it (please excuse the laundry and shoes, but it is a closet). Jeeves loves the knitting so much, he keeps trying to attack the needles and poke his whiskers in the yarn. Very cute, and very annoying. So my next knitting project is a hat, and I am half way done, but I ran out of yarn and I had to order more. So after that, my plan was to make a baby hat and booties for my cousin whose is expecting (well for baby boy no name). So while I was snowed in, I needed to knit, I decided to "practice" the booties with the left over blanket yarn. Then after I made one and I just kept going and now I have four. The boyfriend and I tried put the booties on Jeeves. Kitten mittens anyone? He wasn't having it, but the booties are adorable, I can't wait to make them in the real yarn (which is a baby blue super soft light weight merino-cashmere blend). Happy knitting!


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