Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Craft Pictures!

Craft Photos! As promised, here are some pictures of my crafting adventures from this weekend. This one below is some highlights of my projects. Then I have individual photos with instructions, templates, and links to Martha Stewart's website below.

This is two heart cards I made. The one on the left is just one card stock heart cut out and two paper cut outs (one small, and one the size of the card stock). Then I just glued them together. The outside of the card matches the small heart. It was very simple to make, but I love pretty paper and think it looks quite pretty. The one on the right, is fabric paper, hole punched in the shape of heart and white ribbon stitched through. (I found some sort of instructions on the Martha Stewart site, but I couldn't really follow them, so I just winged it. So I'll say, inspired my Martha).

Once again inspired by Martha, she has a template, which you totally don't need (just cut out different size hearts) and I couldn't figure out how she was asking me to fold the base of the card so I just messed around with it, until it folded correctly.

I made a few of these and I'm going to make some more. Here are the instructions (thanks Martha). You fill them with candy and hang them around. Fun!

And Finally...

This you do need a template and instructions for! It came out really well and is so pretty! I think this one might be for a special someone. lol.

Crafting was a blast! And I have so much supplies left, I see more crafting in my future. I found some other cute idea. Plus, I started making hand made envelopes for some of the cards and need to make more! I wonder if you can mail them? I definitely need another craft-filled weekend. I am also on the last section of my knitting and booking along! I can't wait to finish this and start a new project!

Well I'd say happy eating, but I didn't talk at all about food (a first) so happy crafting!


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