Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blog Makeover!

Ok so I haven't written in awhile (and I just deleted out my old posts, to start fresh, and in case they said anything incriminating), this is hard and I am not that interesting. So, I have decided that my that my blog needs focus. Therefore, I will focus on 3 areas of my life that I love to bother my friends with (and most of them don't want to hear about) cooking, my "garden", and knitting. Clearly, I was born in the wrong decade.

So to update on all of them:

Knitting: I am making a gigantic blanket, it is consuming my evenings, in the best possible way, I got the pattern from a blog I like. After some initial hardships, its smooth sailing through calm seas. It is getting really big, it now keeps my lap warm while I knit it. I also recently stocked up on supplies from Loop, my favorite online/in town yarn shop. I will be making a chunky hat next (if I ever finish the blanket).

Gardening: Not a ton to report, I have some supplies to do a container herb garden. I will be planting some of the seeds on Sunday (hopefully) to give them time to establish before they are moved to the deck.

Finally, Cooking: (the only one my darling boyfriend wants to hear about, as in what's for dinner). This week is a short week, for cooking anyways, 3 nights. Last night I made Stir fry, with those Chinese yellow noodles, I never realized that they were made out of wheat flour, healthier than I thought, and a super ton of vegetables. I used, snow peas, onion, baby corn, peppers, chilies, and mushrooms. I definitely over did it on the chilies though, because the sauce I made was spicy too, next time no chilies. The sauce was a made up concoction from Siracha (a staple in the apartment), soy sauce, olive oil, lime juice, and a splash of red wine vinegar, the sauce was excellent (if I do say so myself, but next time NO CHILIES, my mouth is still recovering)

This morning I set up in the slow cooker a "chili". It's really more of a stew though. It has a nice tomato base with black and pinto beans, lean beef chunks, peppers and onions. We will see how it turns out, because I have never used dried beans before and I am not 100 percent sure I did it right. The instructions on the bag say you have to do a whole soaking process to the beans, but the recipe I started with (before I mutated it beyond recognition, as usual) said to rinse the beans off and then throw them in, so that's what I did. I'll let you know how it goes. I plan to serve it with sour cream and a bit of fresh cilantro.

Finally on Wednesday, I will be making a spaghetti with spinach and mushrooms in a truffle olive oil sauce!!! I am so excited to use the truffle oil (which was a Christmas stocking stuffer from the bf. I don't know exactly what will be in the sauce, seasoning wise, but I will let you know after I see how it turns out.

The rest of the week will be occupied with my brother's going away party and a wedding, so that takes us to next week!

Happy Eating!!


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