Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tastemaker: illy issimo!

Do you like coffee? I am a total addict. I drink one every morning, and sometimes as an afternoon pick me up. Sometimes though, particularly in the afternoon, I want something a little sweeter. Through the Foodbuzz tastemaker program, I received a free sample of the new illy issimo coffee drinks. They come in three flavors caffe, latte machiatto, and my favorite cappuccino. They are pretty sweet, so if you like a lot of cream and sugar in your coffee I would suggest the latte (coffee, milk, and sugar) or the cappuccino (which also has some chocolate), the caffe one is more basic coffee (with a touch of sugar).

The cappuccino was by far my favorite, it tastes like chocolate milk with coffee. It's such a little pick me up, and only a 100 calories. Here I am at my desk...

Thanks to Foodbuzz and illy issimo for letting me try their new coffee drinks! What about you, which flavor are you most excited to try?

Happy Eating



  1. Mocha! Chocolate and coffee = heaven :) Good to know about the sweet factor, thanks for the warning :)

  2. I love illy coffee! Reminds me of Rome. I wonder where I can find these?


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