Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Back!!!

I am back from my wonderful, relaxing, delicious vacation. I walked, ate and drank my way through beautiful Buenos Aires. I slept in, drank wine with lunch, and ate the most wonderful grass fed beef, it was everything a vacation should be. So before I head back to reality, let me share some of my city and food highlights with you...

First, the city:

One of the many beautiful Mausoleums in the Recolata Cemetery, which is where Evita and many other's are entombed.

The presidental palace, called the Pink House:

Me at the Zoo, where you are allowed to feed the animals, very different and fun:

I could go on forever about the beautiful city, but this is a food blog after all, so here is what you need to know. 1. Eat a ton of beef, it's grass fed magic, 2. The portions are huge, but it's ok to share (we learned this one the hard way). 3. It's a whole lot cheaper than here, so live it up. And 3. The entire country (or city) has a major sweet tooth, so be prepared for lots of desserts and lots of Dulce de Leche! 4. Drinks lots of wine, especially Malbecs.

Proof of huge portions, this steak was called "medium", this was also the best steak meal we had on the trip it was from La Cabrera in Palermo.

An assorment of grilled meats, grilled on an open flame...

Finally, from Le Mistral, in the Four Seasons Hotel, which was our best and fanciest overall dining experience:

The Bread Tree, with muffin shaped bread:

My wonderful braised rabbit with a mushroom and raisin puree and polenta, and by the way, that polenta was filled with a melty, creamy Brie center. Yum!

The boyfriend ordered some more delicious grass fed beef, and that side container is full of broccoli, spinach, and thick cut bacon.

Well those are my trip highlights from wonderful and magical Buenos Aires.

Happy Eating.


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